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The history of our brewery

The history of our brewery

The origins of brewing in Lubusz back to the fourteenth century, when it is situated in the valley of the Warta little Witnica, and then still German village Vitz - became the property of the Cistercian Order of Mironic. Under the privilege of your brothers cooking beer estates belonging to it.

Browar regionalny w WitnicyIt is also known that the beer was brewed in the Vitz in the middle of the next century, when the village was a feudal village councils German colonist Feuerherma, and one of the privileges of the mayor was just brewing. As the date of the founding of the current brewery shall be 1848, when Ferdinand Ernest Handke leased an existing brewery and tavern from family Feuerhermów, and then - in 1856. - Took them to the property. After the expansion of the company in the second half of the nineteenth century, it has become one of the most small breweries in the northern part of Germany. Operated under the name Stern Brau, improved the process of fermentation and of a good quality hops began to brew beer - commonly known as the "Bavarian". At the beginning of the next century, started producing beers Sternbrau - full light and dark power. After World War II the brewery, nationalized by the Polish state, was originally owned breweries in Szczecin and Zielona Gora, and finally to the Agricultural Combine Lubniewice. In 1992, the company regained its independence and beer produced under the banner of a state enterprise - Witnica Brewing Plant and later as a company employee, in 1995, was transformed into a joint stock company.           

Upon arriving at the plant lying for more than 160 years in the heart of Witnica, we find ourselves in a modern company. The last change was accompanied by ownership because rejuvenating treatment. The biggest development of the brewery in the years 1991-2002. At that time, built a new administration building, and positioned his basement tavern "Piwosz". Modernization was also part of the production and technical facility. At the same time, a new bottling hall and bottled beers on tap, building storage facilities and brewhouse. However, for the sake of the environment built modern boiler, powered by natural gas and brewery wastewater treatment plant is connected to the city.

Brewery Witnica belongs to a group of small breweries producing less than 70 000 hectoliters of beer a year, which is why it is rightly seen as a brewery, and not (as in the case of many of the larger breweries) as the beer factory. Given the glorious tradition of brewing in Lubusz, it is hard to believe that Witnica Brewery is the only manufacturer of liquor in the province. Lubusz (until recently, a beer brewed in Zielona Gora, Zary and Nowa Sol). Natural beer consumers are residents of Witnica province. Lubusz, but the company also supplies its products outside the province and even the country, among others. to: Warsaw, Krakow, Lodz, Poznan and Szczecin, Jelenia Góra, and for more than 10 years, our products are exported to USA, Germany, Austria and Sweden.



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